This was a project for our trade customer KEVIN HOLLINGS KITCHENS. Once Kevin had installed the base units, we went to site to make the worktop templates.

Kevin’s customers had chosen a light coloured quartz material for their worktops, unfortunately, when we placed the order for the slabs to be delivered our supplier was out of stock of this colour.

After the initial disappointment for the customers and following on from on-site discussions it was decided that Mr and Mrs Mayhew would visit our showroom to choose another quartz colour. Their chosen material was quite unusual in that no other quartz manufacturer makes a colour even vaguely similar. In our showroom, Mr and Mrs Mayhew asked about a granite display that we have which is called COSMIC BLACK. This is a granite quarried in Brazil which has streaks of gold, white and mocha bands running through the slabs. We looked at our supplier’s website, THE MARBLE AND GRANITE CENTRE LTD, to show Mr and Mrs Mayhew the blocks of granite that were available. A suitable block was chosen and two slabs were ordered.

When we use granite that is quite varied we like to give our customers the opportunity to come to our yard to position the templates on the slab to make the best use of the features in the granite.

Once the template position was decided the slabs were put onto the saw bed for the primary cutting.

Then into the workshop for each piece to be shaped and polished.

When all of the worktops and upstands are finished, they are taken to site for fitting.

This was an example of something going wrong but with some lateral thinking we achieved a much better result and Mr and Mrs Mayhew are much happier with the outcome.